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Our plans for 2025-2030

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our plans for 2025 and the next 5 years. Our plan has been built to deliver our vision: a thriving Yorkshire, right for customers, right for the environment.

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This page has all the information you need to understand how we’ve shaped our plan, what’s in it and how we'll deliver it over the next five years. We know some customers might not have access to this page - so they can ask for the plans to be sent to them by post.


What is a business plan?

It's a regulatory requirement for water and sewerage companies in England and Wales to submit a business plan to the economic regulator, Ofwat, every five years. The purpose is to set the price, investment and service package that customers receive.

Read more information from Ofwat


What happens next?

On the 2nd October, Yorkshire Water and all water and sewerage companies in England and Wales submitted their 2025-2030 business plans to Ofwat. These will be assessed by the regulator, and this will set price controls for water and sewerage companies for 2025 to 2030.

Read more information from Ofwat

Our business plan for 2025-2030

Our main business plan is the detailed plan that we submitted to our economic regulatory Ofwat on 2 October 2023. It contains:

Our business plan for 2025-2030 includes the following content:

Our region

Introduction from our CEO

A summary of our plan

Chapter 1 – Strategic context

Chapter 2 – Bills and affordability

Chapter 3 – Environmental and social value

Chapter 4 – Efficiency and innovation

Chapter 5 – Our Long-Term Delivery Strategy

Chapter 6 – Customer and stakeholder engagement

Chapter 7 – Delivering outcomes for customers

Chapter 8     

              - Section 1 – How we built our plan

              - Section 2 – What our plan will deliver

              - Section 3 – How we will deliver our plan

Chapter 9 – Risk and reward

Chapter 10 – Board assurance 


Data tables, models and commentary

Supporting Information

Our submission includes links to relevant supporting information.

We already undertake a number of activities day-to-day, and that you may be interested in:

Your water, your say
  • Customer engagement – we continuously engage our customers to understand what their priorities are, and these have helped to shape our plan.

    As part of the business plan development, we held two 'Your water, your say' engagements in June and November 2023. 

    Visit our Your water, your say section

Chapter 2_Frontier economics affordability report

Chapter 2_Supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances

Chapter 3_Nature First commitment

Chapter 4_Research & Development Innovation Strategy Process and Objectives for PR24

Chapter 5_Long-Term Delivery Strategy

Chapter 6_Yorkshire Water customer research as specifically quoted in Chapter 6

Chapter 6_The Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers summary of engagement and log of challenges

Chapter 6_Our research partners

Chapter 6_Stakeholder responses to Ofwat’s PR24 draft methodology

Chapter 6_Letters of support for our PR24 Business Plan

Chapter 6_Summary of 'Your water, your say' event

Chapter 6_Summary of engagement with Yorkshire Leaders Board

Chapter 6_Yorkshire Water response to the Wildlife and Countryside Link's Blueprint for Water

Chapter 6_Alignment with Ofwat's customer engagement standards

Chapter 6_Alignment with Ofwat's customer engagement principles

Chapter 7_Detailed performance commitments

Chapter 8_Oxera cost modelling

Chapter 8_Real Price Effects appendix

Chapter 8_Frontier shift appendix

Chapter 8_Introduction to enhancement cases

Chapter 8_Supply-demand enhancement case

Chapter 8_Metering enhancement case

Chapter 8_Water quality improvements enhancement case

Chapter 8_Water resilience enhancement case

Chapter 8_Security (ECAF) enhancement case

Chapter 8_Net zero enhancement case

Chapter 8_Living With Water enhancement case

Chapter 8_Coastal bathing water overflows enhancement case

Chapter 8_Growth at sewage treatment works enhancement case

Chapter 8_Appropriate measures enhancement case

Chapter 8_WINEP enhancement case

Chapter 8_Annex to the WINEP enhancement case

Chapter 8_Cost adjustment claims

Chapter 8_Oxera cost adjustment claim analysis

Chapter 8_Bioresources strategy

Chapter 8_Retail Service priorities for 2025-2030

Chapter 8_Bad debt pressures on bill forecasts

Chapter 8_Developer services strategy

Chapter 8_Non-household Wholesale Market Services

Chapter 8_Business resilience appendix

Chapter 8_DPC approach and assessment

Chapter 9_Uncertainty mechanisms and RoRE risk analysis

Chapter 9_Notional financeability analysis

Chapter 9_Cost recovery rates

Chapter 9_WACC Assessment

Chapter 9_Reconciliation of past performance

Chapter 9_Financial resilience

Chapter 10_Assurance process and findings

Chapter 10_Board overview of development of the plan

Data tables, models and commentary
Early submissions

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Our plans for 2020-2025