Fix slow draining toilets & sinks

Slow draining toilets and sinks can be annoying. Learn how to fix them with Yorkshire Water.

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How we can help

We may send a technician to investigate the cause of the blocked toilet or sink and why this has occurred. If the problem is private, the technician will advise you of the best course of action.

If the problem is from a drain that Yorkshire Water is responsible for, we will fix it.

If we discover that the blockage has been caused by people putting fats, oils, greases or unsuitable items into the drain, we will send a letter to all those sharing the drain. Correctly disposing of waste will help prevent similar occurrences happening in the future.

Why is my toilet or sink draining slowly?

A slow-draining toilet or sink could be due to a number of reasons, including internal plumbing issues, a blocked outside tap and drain pipe or a broken/blocked drain itself.

To help understand your slow-draining sinks and toilets better, use the statements below to troubleshoot your situation.

Where is the blocked toilet or sink located?

If the toilet or sink is located on a ground floor or basement, check if any of the other drains in the home are slow to drain. If they are not, it could indicate an internal plumbing issue.

How many toilets/sinks are in your home?

Sometimes when only one toilet or sink is affected, it can indicate an internal plumbing issue. Check other drains in the home to see if they are also affected.

Is there an issue with the flush?

If there is a temporary interruption to your water supply, it could be that there is no water to flush the toilet. Check the taps in the bathroom to see if there is water.

Do you know if any of your neighbours are affected?

If your neighbours are affected too, it’s likely that the problem is caused by a drain that belongs to Yorkshire Water – please get in touch now to let us know of any problems.