Sewerage services

Whether you're planning a small extension, the development of several hundred houses or a commercial/industrial venture, we can help.

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The Developer Services ‘Pre Development’ and ‘Sewer Adoption’ teams are here to support developers and homeowners with the drainage requirements and designs for their new developments - whether that be a domestic extension or a large housing development. We'll support your new development proposals, while making sure we maintain the integrity of our existing public sewer network.

Unsure which service you need?

We've created a guide to help you find what you need.

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Apply online

Our online forms are the easiest way to submit and pay for your application.

Pre-planning sewerage enquiry

Submit a pre-planning sewerage enquiry before you buy a site or apply for planning approval.

Sewerage connections

You'll need a sewerage connection to take wastewater away from a new building.

Sewer adoptions

Apply for your sewerage assets to be adopted by us.

Building over a public sewer

Check if there are Yorkshire Water assets near your development.

Sewer diversions

Put in a request for a public sewer to be altered/diverted.

Capital schemes

Apply for our help with a challenging development.

Sewer closure

Put in a request for us to close part of a public sewer.

Adoption of pumping stations

Review our requirements for the adoption of a pumping station.