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Who we are

To best serve Yorkshire Water, our supply chain function is structured into three key specialist areas: Procurement, Contract Management and Governance & Compliance.

These are managed by teams of Category Buyers, Contract Management Specialists and Data & Compliance Analysts. Working together with our suppliers, they optimise the supply chain by unlocking value and driving innovation and change through the practices, processes and technologies we employ.

Our goals are rooted within our SBOs described above, and translate into our business performance promises, which describe the outcomes, deliverables and incentives for the 2015-2020 investment cycle. These are our critical measures and represent the economic, social and environmental challenges of sustainable procurement. We ensure these values are captured and are embedded as real objectives, deliverable and measurable in both our supplier relationships and commercial agreements.

Our procurement activities are aligned to both the industry market sectors and water industry processes, in order to maximise and realise the potential within the supply chain.

A sustainable future and our approach

We have a responsibility to source all of our goods and services in a sustainable, ethical and cost-effective manner, driving out waste and improving our business performance. The essence of our vision is doing what is right for our customers, colleagues, partners and the environment. These outcomes affect how we manage our treatment processes, remove waste, reduce cost and increase our operating efficiency.

Our approach reflects our company values and commitments to our customers, which are as follows:

  • We are easy to deal with
  • We get it right first time
  • We are helpful and professional
  • We work together with other colleagues
  • We want our supply chain to share our promise.

Best practice

We manage our business compliance, risk and value, by ensuring sustainable and innovative solutions are delivered through established and transparent procurement practices.

We engage and consult business stakeholders and industry expertise to deliver the right sourcing strategy with the right suppliers through robust, competitive and commercial arrangements.

Yorkshire Water processes comply with the Utilities Contracts Regulations in full and the European Communities Official Journal and the Utilities Vendor Database operated by Achilles Information Ltd and publishes notices on Find a Tender. Further information can be obtained through the direct links provided in the box to the right. In order to achieve best value for our customers, we follow robust tendering processes that are fair and transparent to all bidders. The qualification process to test supplier capacity and capability ensures our selected partners operate safely, as well as possess and can maintain strong financial, commercial and technical credentials.


SAP Ariba is the largest business-to-business network in the world, trading with partners from more than 3.6 million businesses and operating in more than 190 countries. This electronic platform has been active to global businesses of all sizes since 1996, and in 2012, Ariba was acquired by SAP, the world’s largest business software company.

Our new system and business processes are designed to improve and streamline our Sourcing, Contract Management, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable processes.

We will use SAP Ariba to facilitate sourcing events, send electronic purchase orders and receive electronic invoices. This new technology will provide benefits to all:

  • Greater control over order processing and the ability to easily create electronic invoices
    Increased (real-time) visibility of orders and the status of invoices.
  • Improved (real-time) visibility of payments with no risk of invoice being lost.
  • Greater spend compliance through the use of online catalogues.
  • Potential new business opportunities through visibility to other buying organisations on the Ariba Network.
  • Simple set-up, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Free for suppliers to use/transact if using a Standard Account.

Promoting innovation

Our suppliers play a fundamental role in driving change through our organisation to meet the continuous environmental, economic and social challenges we face. We are committed to driving improvement through innovation, by promoting new ideas and ways of working. The procurement team are actively seeking market-ready solutions to implement. We will continue to work with industry bodies to create networking opportunities and to share best practice.

Yorkshire Water has developed a £30 Million R&D Innovation programme for the period 2015 – 2020. This complements the drive for innovation through our supply chain. There are opportunities for the wider supply chain to contribute to and promote R&D innovation projects for us to consider, as well as supply innovative solutions through procured routes.

Our R&D innovation business plan has been built to deliver predominantly transformational change within our business. This means we will work to develop new technologies and ways of working. Importantly, we will also seek to integrate existing technologies from other sectors and deploy them potentially in combinations, acting as system integrators. We are also committed to delivering incremental R&D innovation.

The R&D innovation programme is administered within the Business Support Group department and we welcome ideas and proposals to consider for inclusion in our programme in order to deliver our Performance Commitment and Strategic Business Objective targets.

Contact us

If you need training or support on the Ariba system, please contact

For all accounts payable invoice and payment queries, please contact

The fastest way to get your invoices through to us is via PO flip in Ariba, if you are unable to do so, manual invoices need to be submitted as PDF to ensuring the invoice number is on the subject line of the email. Please note we can only accept invoices via one route in.

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