Request a water meter

Find out how to request a meter and what to expect when we fit it.

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Request a water meter

If you're wanting a water meter fitting we'd be happy to help. The easiest way to request a meter is by requesting a free call back. Simply fill out our call back form and we'll be in touch.

Request a free call back


1. We'll make an appointment

We'll call you to make an appointment with our approved service partner to visit your home. 

2. We'll carry out a meter survey

Our approved service partner will come to your home to do a survey. If we can fit the meter at our preferred location and at a reasonable cost, the installation will be free.

3. We'll fit your meter

We'll fit your water meter during our first visit if we can. We usually fit a water meter inside your home, in the same place as your stop tap, but we might put it outside if there’s a good spot available.

If it's not possible to fit a meter on the survey day, or the surveyor suggests fitting a chamber outside, we’ll make another appointment with you. 

We normally fit water meters within a month but if we're really busy, it can take up to three months. If it takes us longer than three months to fit your meter, your metered charges will be backdated from the 90th day from applying.

4. We'll send your new account details

Once your meter has been fitted, our service partner will let us know the location and serial number. We’ll then be in touch with the details of your new metered account. Until you get this, you should carry on paying as usual.

What if I change my mind?

If things aren't working out with your water meter, you can go back to your current way of billing. You just need to let us know within 2 years of the fit. The meter will stay in place for new occupiers bills, even if you have returned to the unmetered charge.

I don't want to wait up to 90 days for a meter installing; can you put me on a lower charge now?

We're unable to amend your charges until a meter has been installed or 90 days have passed from your application. We usually install the meter before 90 days but if it takes longer than 90 days, your metered charges will start from the 90th day.

Who owns the water meter?

The meter and its connections belong to us, and we look after any repairs or replacements at our cost. It's an offence to tamper with the meter or to do anything which may stop it from recording accurately.

Is it free to have a meter installed?

If you already pay a bill we can usually fit a meter for free, provided that we can fit it in our preferred location. If you'd prefer a different location there may be a charge. If, when we survey your property, we can't fit a meter or the installation would involve a lot of expense or disruption, we'll contact you to discuss the options available.

How much will my metered bill be?

You can see examples of average metered bills and calculate how much you could save.

Find out if you could save with a meter


Where will my meter be fitted?

We usually fit a water meter inside your home, in the same place as your stop tap, but we might put it outside if there’s a good spot available.