We are committed to continually exploring and developing new ways to do things better.

Lower Laithe Reservoir

Only by thinking differently will we deliver innovative solutions that challenge and improve the way we operate both now and in the future.

Innovation is one of the key driving forces of our business. It allows us to deliver more at the same time as keeping costs down. It will also help us to continue delivering an exceptional level of service both now and into an increasingly unpredictable future. Innovation will play a key role in helping us cope with the challenges of climate change, population growth and economic pressures.

UK-first energy project

Yorkshire Water and the University of York have delivered a research facility which will transform the anaerobic digestion process and reduce the company’s carbon footprint as well as reduce customer bills.

What we're doing

We're proud of what we've achieved and would love to share this with you. Here are some of our most recent projects.

Yorkshire water employee fitting leak detector

Innovative tech solution to detect leaks

Yorkshire Water has partnered with Invenio Systems to ensure that water leaks continue to be detected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read about our leakage solution

Person turning on a tap

UK's largest smart water network pilot

We're starting the largest and most extensive smart water network pilot in the UK which could revolutionise service in Yorkshire

Read about our smart water pilot

Water treatment plant

Wastewater treatment world first in Yorkshire

We're implementing new wastewater treatment technology that cuts greenhouse gases and recycles waste material.

Read about our wastewater project


What to see more?

You can browse our archive and read about all of our past projects in our news and media section.

Innovation news

Our future

Our current priorities for the next five years are:


Developing innovative solutions to enable sustainable use of our water resources.

Two Glasses

Ensuring our customers are provided with the highest quality drinking water.


Creating sustainable energy facilities by generating energy from our processes and managing demand effectively.


Developing leading edge tools for our networks which allow real-time monitoring and control, drive down leakage or reduce the impact of sewer flooding.

House Wearing Scarf

Develop state-of-the-art tools to forecast and mitigate the future impacts that climate change will have on Yorkshire.

To learn more about the breadth of our current programme and future priorities, please see the Roadmaps in our Document Library. These are updated regularly and are developed through consultation with subject matter experts and with external groups such as industry innovators or research institutions. You will also be able to find an overview of the innovation team and our operating model in this section.

Document library

Collaboration is key

Here's where you come in. If you think you have an idea, product or process that could help us achieve our goals we'd love to hear from you.

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