Adoption of pumping stations

View our requirements for the adoption of new and existing pumping stations.

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Adoption of New Pumping Stations

As part of the adoption process (for new and existing assets), the team will technically assess all submissions received for the adoption of a pumping station against the Design and Construction Guidance, Local Practices and Technical Standards contained within the Code for Adoption.

The team work closely alongside Yorkshire Water’s Engineering Reliability colleagues and developers are encouraged to engage in early discussions with us prior to the formal submission of a S104 or S102 application so they are clear on our requirements and any issues with a site can be openly discussed.

The adoption of a pumping station is typically included with the same S104 Legal Agreement as the gravity sewers on the development.

As part of the Code for Adoption, we have developed a Local Practice (Design Criteria) for the adoption of small submersible foul and surface water pumping stations. Any design specifications given in our Local Practice shall take precedence over Part D of the Design and Construction Guidance.

Local Practice for the Adoption of Small Submersible Foul and Surface Water Pumping Stations

You can read this document in your browser or download it.

Developers guide to standard pump station drawings

You can read this document in your browser or download it.

Pump Station Telemetry

The team work closely alongside Yorkshire Water’s Operational Technology Infrastructure colleagues to ensure the smooth installation and testing of telemetry for new pump stations put forward for adoption.

If you need to speak to a colleague regarding telemetry, please use the following email addresses:

In all instances, please ensure you include the site reference number (H Ref) and site name in the subject box on the email.

Transfer of Private to Public Pumping Stations

On 1 October 2016 we became responsible for private pumping stations in Yorkshire that meet the eligibility criteria of the Private to Public Transfer Legislation (2011).

The pumping stations help pump waste from properties to the nearest sewage treatment works. They could be located in back gardens or on land next to domestic properties and businesses. Normally, only the steel access covers and green kiosks are visible, which contain the electrical control equipment for the pumps.

If you would like a private pumping station to be considered for adoption under the transfer legislation or would like further information, please contact us.

We will initially undertake a desk top study of the information provided. If we need to gather further information, we will arrange a site visit and complete a comprehensive survey of the asset. You will then be informed in writing whether the pump station meets the transfer criteria. If the pump station meets the criteria for transfer, Yorkshire Water will take ownership of the asset and manage the future operation and maintenance of it. If the pump station does not meet the criteria for transfer, the pump station will remain in private ownership.