Sewer Diversions

We can help with altering or removing sewerage pipes so that developers can carry out proposed improvements.

What do you need to do?

You'll need to apply in writing providing:

1. A location plan
2. A site layout of the development, with details of sewer(s) crossing the site and the preferred route of diversion(s).

What happens next?

We'll determine the means by which the project will be delivered either:

1. As part of a section 104 agreement constructed by the developer in conjunction with adoptable sewers.
2. As a minor sewer diversion, constructed by the developer subject to an exchange of letters.
3. As a major sewer diversion, constructed by us or by the developer under our supervision and supported by a S185 legal agreement.

Sewer Diversion Form and Guidance:

Fill in your form online  Download our form

*Please note if you choose to apply online, you will be required to pay your application fee upfront, using our secure system.*

The document below details the annual fees for our Sewerage Technical applications and services provided by Developer Services.