Your water

This section is all about pipes, water and sewage. Find out how we can look after them together and what to do when something goes wrong.

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Something not quite right about your water?

If your water looks, tastes or smells funny we can help you find out why.

Water pressure

If you turn on your taps and find you have no cold water, or very low water pressure, it may simply be because there's work going on in your area.

Let's get your water back to normal

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Serving 5.7 million customers with the water they need every day doesn't always go as smoothly as we'd like. If you have a problem with your water supply, or you've spotted an issue, we want to know about it so we can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Find out if we already know about the problem

There's a good chance we're already working on fixing the issue.

Let us know about a problem

If we don't already know about your issue, visit our report a problem page.

Whose pipe is it anyway?

When it comes to pipes, sometimes it's hard to know who looks after what. We'll help you work it out.

Bad weather

Yorkshire gets its fair share of weather. Whether it's too cold, too hot, too dry or too wet, we can help you look after yourself and your home.


Saving water can help you save money all year round, but it's especially important during heatwaves and droughts. Find out how your can save.

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Cold snaps

Freezing temperatures can cause havoc with your pipes, potentially cutting off your water supply so it’s really important to lag your pipes and give your home some TLC to keep it warm and cosy, keep the brews coming and the heating ticking over.

Get winter ready


When the rain never seems like it's going to end, there are steps you can take to keep safe from flooding and help us find and fix issues.


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Keeping Yorkshire blockage-free

A few simple changes in habits will help prevent the inconvenience and cost of repairs and help keep Yorkshire blockage free.

Bin it, don't block it!

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Looking after your pipes

Plumbing advice

We do a lot to provide your home with high quality water and take away your sewage. When that water's on your property, it's over to you to look after it. Here's some advice on the laws around plumbing and what you can do to protect your property from plumbing problems. 

Plumbing advice

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Emergency home cover

From blocked drains and broken boilers to pest infestations and security incidents, choose from a range of policies sold, arranged and administered by HomeServe and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

Find out about HomeServe

Slow draining toilets & sinks?

Slow draining toilets and sinks can be annoying. Learn how to fix them with Yorkshire Water.

Fix slow draining toilets & sinks

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Help us protect the environment by fixing misconnections in your home.

Misconnection advice

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Pipe and sewer records

You can find out about the sewers and water mains in and around your property with SafeMove.

Find out how to view pipe and sewer records

Give and take

We bring lovely, clean high-quality water straight to your home. When you're done with it, we take most of it away.

Drinking water standards

Making sure your water is clean and safe to drink is our number one priority.

Sewage treatment services

We don't just supply Yorkshire's homes with clean water, we also take it away.