Pipe and Sewer Records

Find the sewers and water mains in and around your property with SafeMove.

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Sewers and water mains in and around your property

SafeMove is a department in Yorkshire Water which provides sewer maps and mains water plans. If you wish to see the sewers and water mains in or around your property there are three ways to obtain this:

  • Firstly, to book an appointment please visit our online booking system. The records we hold can then be viewed at SafeMove's offices at Western House, Halifax Road, Bradford BD6 2SZ. This facility is available between 8.30am – 4.30pm.
  • The second option is to visit your local council offices where our records are also available to view free of charge. Arrangements vary between councils so please call them first.
  • Both the above options are only to view the sewer plans and water mains. If you wish to have a paper copy or electronic version of the records, these can be ordered, for a fee, on SafeMove's website


Please note that the maps only show pipes owned by Yorkshire Water and do not show connection details.

SafeMove also provide searches as part of the conveyancing process and more information can be found on SafeMove's website