Is there a hosepipe ban?

No, the hosepipe ban ended on 6 December 2022. But, it’s still really important to use water carefully so there’s enough for everyone.

Scarhouse Reservoir

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It’s really important we all use water carefully so there’s enough for everyone in Yorkshire.

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What are the reservoir levels?

You see the current water situation in our watsit report.

Watsit report


Frequently asked questions

Why are you lifting the ban now?

After a prolonged period of very warm and dry weather this year, our reservoirs needed enough time to top up properly.

We’re lifting the ban now because a number of successful drought schemes, drought permits, increased leakage activity, rainfall, and everyone’s efforts to save water have helped reservoirs to top up. They are now looking much healthier – they’re at around 75%.

Now they’ve had chance to recover, they’re in a healthy position to support water demand over winter and through spring and summer next year.

Are you lifting the ban just because it’s rained?

Increased rainfall has really helped to top the reservoir levels up, but we’ve been working very hard to do everything we can to help. We’ve completed a number of successful drought schemes, applied for drought permits so we can operate our reservoirs differently and abstract more water from rivers, increased leakage activity, as well as asking all of our customers to save water to help!

Is Yorkshire still in a drought?

Despite it feeling like it hasn’t stopped raining recently, Yorkshire is still in a drought according to the Environment Agency.