Drainage and wastewater management plan

Protecting our wastewater systems.

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Long-term planning

We’re making a plan to keep our drainage and wastewater system strong and more resilient to future pressures to 2050 and beyond. Climate change and population growth will affect our wastewater network, but our plan will reduce the impact on our customers.

We’ll create our drainage and wastewater management plan with the help of organisations like Lead Local Flood Authorities, The Rivers Trust and Environment Agency. Working in partnership with these organisations will ensure we deliver long-term solutions with the best value and benefits for our customers.

The drainage and wastewater management plan will help us:

  • keep our wastewater and drainage system strong
  • cope with population growth
  • adapt to climate change
  • reduce sewer flooding
  • manage our impact on the environment
  • understand our customers’ expectations
  • meet our customers’ needs
  • create sustainable drainage systems
  • create nature-based solutions.

Drainage and wastewater management plan Hub

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