How we solve issues with your water supply

Managing our water network isn't always straightforward. Although you may not have reported a problem we want to keep you in the picture about the steps we take to solve issues affecting your water supply.

We've committed to our customers that we will reduce Leakage by over 40% by 2025 which means we're often out in force proactively identifying problems and fixing them before they cause too much disruption.

To plan the work required, we often need to work in partnership with the local Highways authority, other utilities and of course, our customers.

We might leave some blue spray paint in the road or on the pavement to help our teams identify where we need to dig. This is biodegradable paint and will wash away.

If you do see a blue mark - don't park! This helps us carry out the work we need to complete as quickly as possible

The In Your Area map or social media channels are a great place to keep up to date on our progress.

View our Incidents Map

Read our @ywHelp twitter feed

We often need to leave the excavation open after the repair has been done. We will then backfill the excavation and reinstate where we have been working. This can take a few days so please bear with us and don't think we've forgotten about tidying up.

If you need to speak to us about any work in your area, just use our options below.We remove signs, barriers and leave the environment as we found it. If an area where we are working has not yet been tidied, work may still be in progress. If you need to speak to us about any work in your area, just use our options below.