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Developers, did you know you can use a self-lay provider to design and install new mains and service connections? 

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While water companies have traditionally installed all new mains and services, you can now contract a self-lay provider (SLP) to carry out contestable main laying and connection work on your behalf. The SLP applies to us to carry out all, or some, of the contestable work and when it’s done, we’ll adopt the newly installed public assets. 

SLPs aren’t the only providers who can do this work; you can also approach a new appointment and variation (NAV) and, of course, you can still requisition new mains and service connections directly from us. But if you do decide to complete the work under a self-lay agreement, you’ll need to use a WIRS accredited self-lay provider

Learn more about the self-lay journey in our step-by-step guide

Self-lay providers

If you are a self-lay provider (SLP) or looking to employ an SLP to carry out your water activities, there are a new set of guidelines for codes for adoption.

Read the latest self lay codes for adoption

Stage 1 - Enquire about Point(s) of Connection

Stage 2 - Apply for new, self-laid mains and connections

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