If you're building or converting a property you'll need to apply for a new water connection.

Once you've applied, we'll visit your site to assess the amount of water you require. You'll then receive an estimate within 28 days.

Once you've paid, you'll need to contact our contractors to arrange your connection.

We'll normally connect you within 21 days, though if we need to work in a busy road or restrict road traffic it may take three months because of the notice required by the local council.

  1. This form can be used to apply for a new domestic water connection to replace an existing connection through a joint supply pipe.

    If you are connecting a newly built property, commercial property or a property which has been divided into a larger number of properties you will need a different application form.

    There is a charge for processing your application and providing an estimate for the work required.

    In response to your application, we will provide you with:

    • An estimate for the cost of the work required to provide a new connection
    • A plan showing the proposed connection position

  2. This form can be used to apply for up to 6 new domestic service connections on the same site or for a connection to a field or trough supply for the purposes of animal welfare.

    If you are connecting more than 6 domestic properties, or commercial properties, you will need a different application form, please contact us on the number below and we can send this to you.

    0345 1 20 84 82.

    In response to your application, we will provide you with:

    • An estimate for the cost of the work required to connect you
    • A copy of our mains records for the area indicating where we will lay our pipes to

  3. This form can be used to apply for a water connection to the following types of development:

    • Commercial/industrial use properties
    • Non standard housing (i.e. student accommodation, nursing homes, sheltered housing)
    • A mix of commercial and domestic properties

    In response to your application, we will provide you with:

    • An estimate for the cost of the work required for connection
    • A plan indicating the proposed connection position
    • Confirmation of whether your development can be supplied by gravity or will require pumps or storage

  4. Just like planning permission from the council you need approval from your water company before you install or change certain fittings and fixtures.

    A Notification (Reg5) form needs to be submitted to us prior to the development starting. It gives us details of your plans which we will look over and then give our approval or tell you the changes required to ensure it complies with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

    We may come out and give a free inspection to make sure all is going to plan. We are here to help you comply with the Regulations so that you don’t have to put it right at a later date,

  5. The term “wholesite protection” means that the public drinking water supply is protected at all times from the risk of any possibility of backflow contamination which may occur from a plumbing system by the installation of a suitable backflow device at the point of entry to the site.

    Should a backflow incident occur from an unprotected plumbing system, it is the customer that will be held responsible for any contamination caused to the public drinking water supply.

    The types of installation requiring whole site protection are:

    • New commercial/industrial premisies
    • Premises that incorporate Rainwater harvesting and or Grey Water systems.
    • Premises that have an alternative source i.e. borehole/spring.
    • Our whole site protection policy gives full details of how to comply.