Water meter locations for developers

Since 1990, all new properties require a water meter – we're here to help you meet that requirement.

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New build properties

When you apply for a water connection to a new property, your water meter will be included as part of the service.

We take care of the installation, providing homeowners with safe, secure and remotely accessible meters. The convenience of remote accessibility means that we can take a reading without the need to enter the property, and homeowners can check their water usage wherever they are, whenever they need.

We offer three options for where to install the meter, based on what’s convenient for you – the final choice is in your hands. Read our Meter Location Policy for more information.

Meter location policy

You can read this document in your browser or download it.

Meter locations

1. Wall mounted box installation

We’ll provide the water meter in an industry-approved meter box, which is mounted to the external wall of the home.

  • The property developer is responsible for mounting this box to the wall
  • Yorkshire Water is responsible for maintaining the water meter
  • The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the wall box.

A diagram visualising the meter location explained in the text above.

2. Footpath meter chamber

We’ll install an industry-approved meter chamber at the boundary of the property within the footpath. We are responsible for maintaining both the water meter and the meter chamber.

A diagram visualising the meter location explained in the text above.

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