Self-lay point of connection

Before you lay your new mains, let us help you lay the groundwork for success. We’ll confirm where your site’s point(s) of connections are, so you can plan ahead.

Rippling water

If you’d like a point of connection (POC) report for your site, you can apply for one from us.

A POC report confirms the point(s) where a self-laid main can be connected to our existing mains network. Think of it as a feasibility study that will help you determine the scope of self-lay works, produce a viable design, and estimate costs from our standard charges document. 

It's best to apply for a POC report at the detailed planning stage of a new development. If you're in the pre-planning phase, you'd be better off sending us a pre-planning enquiry.

Apply for a self-lay Point of Connection report

You will need:

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Apply online

Our online application form is the quickest and easiest way to apply.

Have your payment card ready, because you'll need to to pay your application fee upfront using our secure system.

Application fee: £168 (+ VAT £33.60) = £201.60

Apply online

You can also download and print this PDF or fill it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you are an SLP applying on behalf of a NAV, please complete the NAV POC/POD form.

Once you’ve applied and made the payment, we’ll get back to you within 5 days to let you know we’ve got your application and whether we’re missing any key details.

Point of connection minimum information checklist

  • A site layout plan (CAD format) defining site boundary, self-laid incoming access and utility routes
  • A point of connection in line with our Design & Construction Specification
  • Expected site water consumption
  • Planning status and site reference number
  • Land registry reference number
  • Source of water delivery date
  • Approved planning site layout plan detailing the local topography
  • Details of special engineering difficulties
  • Details of any known future development adjoining the site

How long will it take to get the report?

That depends on the complexity of your site – it takes us up to 28 days for a complex site, and up to 14 days for a non-complex site. You can find out how we define a complex site on page 2 of our minimum information document.

What you'll get in your POC report

A comprehensive feasibility study on supplying water to your site. The report will include a plan showing the proposed point(s) of connection, the technical requirements of the work and any potential reinforcements needed in the network. For a more detailed contents list, check Stage 1a of our minimum information document.

Supporting documentation and guidance

Minimum information table

You can read this document in your browser or download it.

Design & Construction Specification (DCS)

You can read this document in your browser or download it.

Annual Contestability Summary (ACS)

You can read this document in your browser or download it.

Self-lay journey guide

You can read this document in your browser or download it.