If you're building, developing land or converting multiple properties, you may require a new main to supply your development.

Once you've applied, we'll visit your site to assess the work required and confirm we can supply the amount of water you require.

Depending on the size of your development, you'll receive the cost options for your site in 28 days.

Once you've paid, you'll need to contact our contractors to book in your main laying and associated works. We normally lay mains within 90 days, though if we need to work in a busy road or restrict road traffic it may take longer due to the notice required by the local councils.

  1. This form can be used to apply for a connection to a large domestic development site (more than 6 properties).

    If you require a connection for a commercial development, you will need a different application form. Please get in touch to request this form.

    In response to your application, we will provide you with:

    • An estimate for the cost of the work required to connect your development to the network
    • A copy of our mains records for the area indicating the connection point
    • Confirmation of whether your development can be supplied by gravity or will require pumps/storage

    *Please note that if you choose to apply online, you will be required to pay your application fee upfront, using our secure system.*
  2. Please complete the contaminated land assessment form to allow us to assess the risk of contamination of the drinking water supply from chemicals within the soil. We now lay all our water mains and service pipes in plastic. Many organic compounds (i.e. Phenols, Fuels and other hydrocarbons) can either permeate through the walls of plastic pipes into the water supply or dissolve and weaken the pipe causing water leaks.

  3. Policy and Guidance on Installing a Domestic Fire Sprinkler System