Building Over a Public Sewer

If you’re proposing to construct, extend or underpin a building within your property boundary you must check whether any public sewers or disposal mains are close by.

If there is a sewer within 3 metres of your proposed works, then you will need our consent prior to your works being carried out. This is to protect the sewer and the building from possible damage to each other and to ensure that access to the sewer is not adversely affected.

As the Statutory Undertaker, we are responsible for protecting and maintaining our assets. Any form of building work, puts our assets at risk and it’s our responsibility to ensure they are not damaged and we can continue to access them and maintain them in the future.

There may be situations where building over a sewer is not possible. If this is the case, you will be guided through the process to follow in relation to making an alteration / diversion to the public sewer network.