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All you need to know about water meters

Some customers are looking to pay for the amount of water they use whereas others prefer the peace of mind of a set annual charge, regardless of their usage. That's why we offer you the choice of having a water meter fitted.

This section is packed full of information about water meters to help you decide. 

If you move to a property that already has a meter, unfortunately it's not possible to have the meter removed.  Your charges will be based on the meter at that property.

What you need to know - Terms and conditions of a metered water supply

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Applying for a water meter

Apply for a water meter online and read our terms and conditions.

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Calculating how much metered water costs

Calculate how much water you use and see whether it's worth installing a water meter

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Reading your water meter

Find your water meter and learn how to read it and when, with the help of our audio guide

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Understanding how water metering works

Find out how your charges are calculated

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Submit a water meter reading

Send us your latest water meter reading online

Water meter and post it note with meter reading


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Automated metering

Our new automated meters let us take readings without disturbing you.

Automated meter

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