Things to do near Sheffield

Whether you fancy a gentle stroll around a reservoir, a challenging hike or an afternoon of fishing and sailing, there's plenty to do around Sheffield.

Damflask reservoir

Fishing near Sheffield

Damflask Reservoir has one of Yorkshire's largest premier fisheries and situated within the stunning Peak District National Park, it's just a 15 minute drive west of Sheffield city centre.

The reservoir can be fished for bream, chub, dace, perch, pike and roach and is open all year round. In recent years we have restocked the reservoir with over 100 bream, some weighing more than 4lbs each. At a match held at the reservoir in 2005, an individual record of 70lbs was set by one angler!

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Walking & running near Sheffield

Scenic strolls  

If you fancy a gentle stroll, try our Damflask walk. The route has fantastic views across the water and the surrounding woodland. It’s a popular reservoir so you might be able to spot people fishing or watch the sailing boats go by. No trip to Damflask is complete without visiting the charming nearby village of Low Bradford for a drink at a cafe or pub.

Relaxing routes

If you’re looking for a more peaceful walk, head to Dale Dike. Unwind and take in the scenery while you enjoy a soothing walk around the water’s edge – just make sure you wear sturdy boots as the trail can be muddy in places.

Challenging hikes

If you want to challenge yourself, you could give our Agden and Redmires walks a go. Our Agden route rewards the walker with views of quaint villages, picturesque woodlands and rippling waters. Try our Redmires route to be at one with nature and look for wildfowl and wader birds.

If it’s wildlife you’re interested in, you could try our longer Rivelin and Redmires walk which starts at Rivelin Dams and takes you past Wyming Brook Nature Reserve. All these routes are challenging and the ground is uneven so make sure you wear sturdy boots!

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Sailing & rowing near Sheffield

Damflask reservoir has 47 hectares of open water which makes it perfect for sailing and rowing. Damflask is easily accessible from Sheffield. It’s just 5 miles east of the city centre and it sits on the edge of the Peak District National Park, giving it a beautiful countryside setting. You can find out more information from the clubs at Damflask.

Sheffield Viking Sailing Club

City of Sheffield Rowing Club

More things to do in Yorkshire

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