More Hall Reservoir

Less than 10 miles from Sheffield, More Hall Reservoir offers a peaceful secluded walk.


Escape the grind at More Hall Reservoir 

The reservoir path skirts alongside the shores and surrounding woodland, offering wonderful views across the water all the way.




Walk Distance Difficulty Facilities
More Hall walk 2.3 miles 1 out of 4

No facilities available

Visitor information

To keep everyone happy and safe, please:

  • follow government guidance
  • don’t swim
  • take your litter home
  • stick to the path
  • keep your dog on a lead
  • clean up after your dog
  • don’t light fires or BBQs.

Make a day of it

While you're here, why not visit a nearby reservoir?

Broomhead Reservoir

Broomhead Reservoir sits above More Hall Reservoir, just south of Bolsterstone. The circular route around the reservoir is on unsurfaced muddy paths, offering a wilder experience.

How to get there

By car

There is no car park at More Hall Reservoir, however some roadside parking is available along the access road which runs along the north side of the reservoir (S36 4ZD). Please park with consideration for
other road users.

By public transport

There is a bus stop at the junction between the A6102 and More Hall’s access road, which is about 1km from the start of the reservoir walking route.

Can you swim in More Hall Reservoir?

No, you can't swim in More Hall Reservoir. Reservoirs are really dangerous places and have lots of dangers hidden under the surface. We don't allow anyone to swim in our reservoirs, even if you’re a great swimmer!

Why can’t you swim in More Hall Reservoir?

More Hall Reservoir has lots of hidden dangers. The water is very cold (even in summer) and cold water shock can kill. More Hall Reservoir supplies water to be treated, so there's machinery and strong currents under the water. There may also be blue-green algae, which causes rashes and severe illnesses.

Can dogs swim in More Hall Reservoir?

No, it’s not safe for dogs to swim in More Hall Reservoir and they shouldn’t drink the water. Blue-green algae can form on the surface, which is poisonous and can kill them. There’s also dangerous machinery and strong currents under the water.

Is wild swimming allowed in More Hall Reservoir?

No, More Hall Reservoir is dangerous. Reservoirs aren't the same as natural lakes, they’re man-made and have large machinery that’s working 24/7 just below the surface. They’re also very cold, have strong currents and might have blue-green algae which causes rashes and severe illness.