Yorkshire Water thanks customers for saving water

Someone filling a watering can from a water butt in their garden
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Yorkshire Water has thanked customers for saving water, as demand dropped over the hot weekend.  

The regional water company recently announced that it would introduce a hosepipe ban on 26 August. Customers have responded to the company’s ask to save water and on average, water usage was down over the weekend, when temperatures reached 30 degrees, compared to the previous spell of hot weather in July.  

The heatwave in July saw water usage surge to 1.5billion litres a day, whereas last weekend’s peak was around 100 million litres lower than that at 1.4billion.  

Yorkshire Water has also stepped its leakage activity up further, as it draws on resources from teams across the business to boost the number of leaks it can find and fix. The water company currently has more than 500 people tackling leaky pipes, in a bid to save as much water as possible.  

Martyn Hattersley, head of demand management at Yorkshire Water, said: “This week the Environment Agency announced that Yorkshire is officially in a drought, and with parts of the region seeing the lowest rainfall since our records began more than 130 years ago, our reservoirs are low, at below 50% full. Our customers understand the challenge we’re currently facing and whilst we’re increasing efforts to save as much water as possible from leaky pipes, our customers are doing their bit to save water at home too.  

“A sincere thank you to our customers for using water wisely. By reducing the amount of water used, we can help to keep as much water in reservoirs as possible and protect the environment. As the ground is incredibly dry, we would need a few months of wet weather to help them return to their usual levels, so it’s really important that people keep taking steps to save water.”   

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