Enjoy the hottest day of the year safely

Yorkshire Water resevoir
Community and people


As Yorkshire prepares for the hottest day of the year so far, many people will be looking to take advantage of the weather and the scaling back of lockdown measures.

Yorkshire Water is encouraging people planning to enjoy the hot weather over the weekend to ensure they are safe.

Alastair Harvey, lead countryside and woodland advisor at Yorkshire Water, said: “The warm weather this weekend is the perfect opportunity for people to get out and enjoy some of Yorkshire’s scenic beauty spots, including reservoirs and woodland.

“It is important those enjoying the summer weather ensure they are doing so safely and that they are not having a negative impact on the environment.

“In the warm weather reservoirs can seem appealing for a quick swim, but they pose a huge risk which could lead to loss of life. They are often colder than rivers and this can result in cold water shock that can lead to hyperventilation, increased blood pressure and breathing difficulties and ultimately death, so it is important people visiting reservoirs are not tempted to swim.

“Additionally, we have seen in recent months the danger of barbecues on open land with a number of wildfires. These can cause a danger to life, as well as devastating local ecosystems by damaging peat soils and impacting valuable habitat and wildlife such as birds, reptiles and insects.

“We would encourage anyone visiting Yorkshire’s beauty spots to respect their surroundings and take measures to protect themselves and the environment by not lighting fires or BBQs, taking their litter home, respecting residents and local communities, parking considerately and following the Countryside Code at all times.”