Everything you need to know as a licenced retailer for Yorkshire Water.

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Retailer systems


Visit SWIMPOOL to access forms and log your service requests.


Go to RIO to view planned and unplanned work.

Client relationship management

The Client Relationship Managers will ensure retailers' interests are reflected internally whilst also protecting our interests.

The Client Relationship Management team are here to answer your questions regarding contracts and the wholesale-retail relationship. In order for retailers to request a contract with Yorkshire Water Wholesale, you must have obtained the appropriate licence that allows you to operate as a water and/or sewerage retailer. Once contracts are in place, we will provide a comprehensive induction programme and allocate a dedicated Relationship Manager who will support you throughout your relationship with us.

Important information


Read our compliance statement. 

Bilateral form guide

This is an .xlsx document you can open in Mircrosoft Excel.

Meter reading service

Find out about our commercial meter reading service.

Wholesale tariffs

Wholesale charges, alternate eligible credit and alternate payment terms.


Find all our policies here.

Meter service products

Use our Itron water meter selection tool.

Get in touch

Contact your account manager, talk to us about an emergency or submit an operational service request.

Get in touch


Who will be my primary point of contact?

To report a public health related matter, you can contact our Operational Call Centre 24 hours a day on 0333 414 9040.

General enquiries in relation to service requests and operational matters should be directed to our Wholesale Service Desk on 0344 9020228 who are available between 08:00 – 18:00 Monday – Friday (except Bank Holidays). Alternatively you can email the team at

For matters relating to the Wholesale Contract, you should contact your appointed Client Relationship Manager at

How will I know whether to contact the Wholesale Service Desk or the Client Relationship Manager?

The Wholesale Service Desk will be the routine point of contact regarding day-to-day operational matters such as the progress of service requests, information relating to incidents and planned and unplanned activities. The Wholesale Service Desk will also handle any complaints.

The Client Relationship Manager should be contacted when matters are outside of ‘normal’ day-to-day activity or require escalation. More information regarding our query management and escalation processes is detailed within our Retailer Induction programme. Alternatively contact your dedicated Client Relationship Manager for more information.

Will we have regular contract meetings?

Yorkshire Water will hold regular contract performance meetings with all Retailers. We recognise that Retailer requirements will vary from business-to-business, therefore we are keen to remain flexible and offer a range of options in terms of the structure of the meetings. We envisage that this will be agreed individually with Retailers as part of the induction process.

How can I submit a service request to Yorkshire Water?

Yorkshire Water will provide access to our SWIM-Pool system which has been procured to fulfil the Wholesale commitments described within the Operational Codes. SWIM-Pool will provide the ability for Retailers to register requests for service, associate attachments for these requests and manage the discussions with us. The system also has the added benefit of being able to provide support for Retailers to understand and meet the SLA’s described within the Operational Terms.

Where can I see information regarding planned and unplanned events?

Up to date information regarding incidents can be accessed via or our Twitter feed at @YWHelp.

Retailers will also be provided with access to our RIO portal (Retailer Information Only). Here you can find information in relation to any operational work which is being undertaken to support any bilateral request and the status of the work. Information regarding planned activities can also be located here, as can important information updates and news articles.

RIO also offers Retailers the ability to search the history of a particular SPID, or the history of a service request – This view will of course be limited to only the premises to which a Retailer provides the service.

Will you ‘push’ important notifications to me?

Yorkshire Water are currently working on improvements to RIO which will enable push notification.

In the meantime we would encourage retailers to use the Business pages of the Yorkshire Water website at where they can use the In Your Area function to get information about incidents, roadworks and planned work that may be affecting their customers. The twitter feeds also give live updates on incidents.

SWIM Pool can be configured by the User in such a manner that will allow email notifications to be generated based upon a change in the status of a particular service request.

What do I use RIO for?

We use the news sections on RIO to update retailers on the following:

  • SWIM Pool outages or if there is a technical issue with our phone system
  • Tier 1 Major incidents (large scale and/or long duration)
  • Tier 2 Incidents (affecting a considerable number of customers but lesser scale/duration than Tier 1)
  • Planned work following incidents that may result in road closures & diversions.

Are Yorkshire Water offering an accredited entities scheme?

Yorkshire Water Services recognises the Water Industry Accredited Entity Scheme (WIRSAE) and will allow accredited entities under this scheme to carry out the following defined activities on behalf of a Retailer:

  • Temporary Disconnection and Re-Connection Non-Household Premises up to and including 40mm sized supply (TDNHS).
  • Temporary Disconnection and Re-Connection Non-Household Premises over 40mm sized supply (TDNHA).

Details of the accredited entity scheme are available on the Lloyd’s Register.

You will also find a link to the Lloyds Register on our Yorkshire Water website together with our Code of Practice Scopes and Addendum.

Do Yorkshire Water offer any incentive schemes i.e. Gap sites or Vacant?

Yorkshire Water don’t offer vacancy or gap site incentives at this time.