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£72 million poo-power treatment facility for Leeds hits construction landmark

We are ploughing our way through an enormous £72 million investment project at our Knostrop waste water treatment works in Leeds proving that poo-power is a reality.

The new state-of the-art sludge (a bi-product of the sewage treatment process) treatment and anaerobic digestion facility is our latest commitment to renewable energy generation as we look at ways to become more efficient and self-sufficient. In the first year of the project four new 25 metre high concrete sludge digester tanks have been built. 

Once complete in 2020, the facility will have the ability to:
•    recycle 94% of Leeds’ sewage sludge
•    be capable of processing 131 tonnes of dry sludge a day
•    generate 55% of its own electricity needs the equivalent of providing power to 8,000 homes 
•    reduce the Knostrop site’s carbon emissions by 15%

Fiona Sugden, Project Manager for Yorkshire Water said; “This is the single biggest investment we are making between 2015 and 2020. The project is going really well and in the last year more than 235,000 hours have been spent on its construction with 150 people working on site each day. 

“It is the latest step in our commitment to invest in renewable energy to benefit the environment and keep customers’ bills low. It also supports Leeds council’s ambition for the Lower Aire Valley to become a hub for green energy and industry.”

Have a nosey at what is happening at Knostrop and watch our timelapse video showing the progress of the work. 

Knostrop Sludge Treatment Facility Timelapse

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