Water quality inspections

To make sure all our customers are getting great quality water, we do home water quality inspections. These are spot checks and we randomly select addresses from each of our supply zones.


What happens during a water quality inspection?

We start by squirting a diluted bleach solution into the tap to make sure there’s no bacteria in there which could affect the result. We’ll run the tap for a short time so we can sample fresh water. After we’ve taken our samples, we’ll run the water to get rid of the solution and put your water back to normal.

Read our water quality inspection guide here (PDF)


How long will it take?

We won't keep you long – it only takes 5-10 minutes to get our samples.


How much water do you use?

The average cost of the water used at each sampling visit is 4p.

What happens next?  

No news is good news. If the water sample taken from your tap meets the quality standards, you won't hear from us. If the sample taken from your home doesn't meet the quality standards, we’ll be in touch to advise you and arrange further investigations.