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We're offering every Yorkshire Water customer the chance to cut their utility bills. Our handy free water saving kit can help you save water, energy and money! Why not order your free pack below and join us in making small changes that could make a difference to your annual water bills and benefit your local environment too?

We donate 10p to WaterAid for every water saving pack ordered!

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What's in your pack?

    1. Save-A-Flush – Saves 1.2 litres every time you flush, that's around 5,000 litres a year
    2. ShowerSave – regulate your shower to just 8 litres of hot water a minute
    3. Tap Aerator Kit - Aerate and reduce the flow of water from your taps by up to 70%

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You can find 'How to' videos on fitting you water saving pack on our YouTube channel.

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Learn about water meters

Having a water meter means that we can measure the exact amount of water you use, instead of being charged on your properties ‘rateable value’. Depending on how much water you use and the number of people in your property having a meter could save you money on your water bills.

See examples of average bills based on the number of people:

Living on your own from £203-323; Two people from £323 - £444; Three people from £444 - £565; Four people from £565 - £686; Five people from £626 - £747

To find out more about water meters and apply for a water meter, take a look at our helpful section below.

All about water meters

How are we saving water?

Whatever the weather, water is a precious resource. We should all do everything we can to conserve it and that includes us!

Water resources management plan

As part of our water resources management plan, we implement initiatives to conserve water and we encourage and help our customers to do the same.

In fact, we’ve a legal responsibility to promote water efficiency by our customers. For example, we:

- Offer a free meter option scheme for domestic customers
- Improve efficiency by reducing leakage; you can help by calling our freephone Leakline on 0800 57 35 53, if you notice a water leak.
- Offer free supply pipe repairs for domestic customers, subject to certain terms and conditions.
- Promote the use of water-efficient appliances, facilities and practices in the home and garden.
- Work to increase water recycling and minimise waste in the home and garden, through advice such as how to re-use washing up water and through offers such as low-cost water butts.

Making sure you always have enough water

We provide nearly five million customers with a secure water supply that will meet their demands both now and in the future. However, water is a precious resource, and the population of Yorkshire is forecast to increase by 855,000 people over the next 25 years. Climate change has the potential to create further shortages and stresses, and could also increase household and business demand for water. So we’ve taken account of climate change in our plans and forecasts right up to 2040.

In recent years we’ve done a great deal to reduce losses from our system, but we recognise that there is still much more to do. We know we need to set an example in using water efficiently and that we can do much more to explain to you about water use and water saving. We’re here to give you the support you need to conserve water in your own homes and businesses, and to manage your bills and water use.

Carrying out essential maintenance

We're upgrading our network of upland catchments, tunnels, aqueducts, reservoirs, river intakes, boreholes, water treatment works, and in our distribution system to maintain resilience.

Driving down leakage

We're driving down our leakage by 10 million litres a day to ensure we maintain the balance between supply and demand. This forms part of our Water Resources Management Plan.

Target Investment

We're addressing the risk of loss of supply to key pipelines through construction of cross connections, network reconfiguration and duplication of critical mains.

Continue to develop asset records and hydraulic network models

This will help identify and plan work and support long-term business planning. We intend to increase model coverage to 100% of the company’s area.

Investing in replacing old water meters

This will help ensure we are able to continue to deliver an accurate and timely billing service to our customers.

Using innovative ways to save water

Using groundbreaking new technologies we are cutting down on the amount of water lost through leaks in our network. We are working with i2O, a company providing innovative solutions to the water industry to reduce leakage. The i2O solution is an integrated system that minimises leakage and burst frequency by remotely, automatically and intelligently optimising pressures in our water distribution network.

The system works by continuously adjusting the pressure in the network, so that at all times of the day or night it is at the optimum level.

Pressure management enables us to provide great customer service, while minimising leakage and pipe bursts. This technology also allows us to reduce leakage without the cost and disruption to our communities of digging up roads

What if there's a water shortage?

We aspire to have no water supply restrictions and therefore one of our long-term priorities is ensuring that there’s never a need for them.

As a friendly offering of help and advice, Yorkshire Water encourage you to use water sensibly throughout the year. If there’s a water shortage however, we may have to ask you to reduce the amount you use. If this doesn’t help the problem, and there’s a serious risk of not having adequate water supplies, we may have to take further action to conserve water.

This may include:

  • Imposing a ban on hosepipes or similar equipment for watering private gardens and washing private cars, across the region or in particular areas. You should hear about this through your local newspaper or other media.
  • Applying to the Environment Agency for Drought Permits or to the Secretary of State for the Environment for Drought Orders or Emergency Drought Orders. This helps us restrict water usage even further, for example in respect of the use of water for certain non-domestic or commercial purposes, and it allows us to obtain extra supplies. If we make an application, we’ll advertise in the local press so any member of the public can raise a query or object to the proposed order or permit.

If this can’t be resolved, a local inquiry may be held, and the Environment Agency or the Secretary of State will make the final decision. Remember it’s an offence to ignore a hosepipe ban, Drought Order or Emergency Drought Order.

Our plans

Read our Water Resources Management Plan & Drought Plan to discover how we plan to deliver water to our customers long in to the future despite the challenges we face.

Our plans