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Pay your bill, set up a Direct Debit

Watersure scheme, Resolve scheme, Water Direct

Let us know you're moving

Send us your latest meter reading

Find out more about our charges

Sewerage enquiries, new developments, supply connections

Making sure your water is clean and safe to drink

Find out what makes up your water in your area

Managing water resources, Where does water come from?

How do we collect and treat waste water

Make dealing with us as easy as possible

Pumping stations are changing from private to public

Learn all about water meters, apply for a meter

Emergency cover by HomeServe, Drought Plans

Find out how we can help you.

Follow our useful guidelines if you have issues with your drinking water appearance

If you notice that your water tastes or smells then please follow our advice

Find out more about water hardness in your area

Discover ways you can increase low water pressure in your home today

Report a leak, responsibilities, leaks in my area

Videos and guides helping you save water and money

Find out how to prevent blocked drains and pipes

Fix slow draining toilets and sinks with our troubleshooting guide

Follow our advice on dealing with flooding

Find out how to deal with issues with private drains and who to contact

Spotted an issue with one of our manholes or drain covers?

Hints and tips, Frozen pipes, Pipework responsibilities

Find out what help & advice we provide you

How do we manage your water supply?

Discover how we supply and treat water, responsibilities, where your water comes from and useful tips on how you can use less water and save money.

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Where does your water go?

Find out about our sewerage system, different types of drainage pipes, how to deal with sewer flooding and how we treat waste water.

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Tell us what you think

Learnt about how you can make a complaint or pass on a compliment, your rights, claiming compensation and where to go for an independent review.

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What happens if you've got a leak?

Reducing leakage is one of our biggest priorities. Find out who's responsible for repairing leaks and who you can contact.

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Customer Charter

Our charter sets out our commitment to meeting standards, how much you'll be refunded if we don't meet them, how to claim a payment and how you can complain.

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What if you need some extra help?

Find out about our Priority Services for customers with sight or hearing difficulties, a disability or serious injury and the elderly. Services including extra help with water and sewerage services and water meters.

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Whose pipe is it?

Discover what our responsibilities are for water and waste water pipework to and from your home, as well as your own responsibilities.

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How we use your personal data and why

A guide to how we, Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies use your personal data and what it means for you

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What do we charge and why

Find out how our charges are set, what they comprise of and where you can find our current charges. You can discover different payment options and frequencies, why some customers have a meter and how charges vary depending on this.

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Would a water meter be right for you?

Considering a water meter? This leaflet answers many of the questions you're likely to have, such as responsibilities, cost and how meters work.

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What if paying your bill is a problem?

Find out how we can help if you're having payment difficulties, what happens if you don't pay your bill, your responsibilities as a tenant and how you can query your bill.

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