Charges explained for customers with a meter

If you’ve got a water meter, we’ll take a meter reading or make an estimate based on how much water you’ve used previously, and then use this to calculate your bill.

How much water you’re charged for is measured in cubic metres (1 cubic metre is 1000 litres of water). You’ll also pay a quarterly standing charge for water usage.

If we remove water from your home for treatment, we’ll also add a sewerage charge based on how much water you use plus a standing charge for sewerage.

We take into account that 5% of your water is not returned to us for treatment as it will be used in the home, for example watering your garden and cooking. This shows on your bill as 95% of the water you have used.

The below table shows a breakdown of the charges you’ll pay in 2018-19

Water - Yorkshire (excluding York waterworks)
Standing charge per year£24.07
Volumetric charge per cubic metre used134.80p
Water - York Waterworks
Standing charge per year£24.07
Volumetric charge per cubic metre used76.36p
Standing charge per year£12.15
Volumetric charge per cubic metre used167.18p
Surface Water Standing Charge£43.50

Metered bills are calculated every three months, but you don’t have to pay the whole thing at once. If it makes life easier for you, you can pay by instalments throughout the year and we’ll send you an annual statement of your bills and payments.

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