Charges for customers with a meter

If you have a meter, we'll base your bill on the amount of water you use. On this page you can find out what you pay for, how we calculate your bill and the standing charges you will pay.

What do I pay for?


This is the clean water we supply to your home. We measure the amount of water that passes through your meter and use this to calculate your bill. We measure this in cubic metres and the cost of your water will be different if you live in a York Waterworks area.


This covers both foul and highway drainage charges. The foul charge is for taking away and cleaning 95% of the water you've used. The highway drainage charge is for taking away and treating the water that drains from public roads and footpaths.

Surface water

This charge is for taking away all the rainwater that falls on your home through public sewers. If your surface water doesn’t go into a public sewer, you can apply for a rebate.

Standing charges

This covers the cost of billing, customer service, reading your water meter and maintaining public pipes and sewers.

Did you know?

1 cubic metre is 1000 litres, which is around 12 baths full of water or 3,334 cups of tea!

What is York Waterworks?

York Waterworks customers moved over to Yorkshire Water in 2000. When this happened, it was agreed that customers within this boundary would still receive their lower rate. You can see if you are in a York Waterworks area by comparing the charges on your bill to those on this page. If you are unsure whether you are within the boundary, you can check on our area map.

Charges for 2021-2022

WaterCharge per cubic metre used
Yorkshire (excluding York Waterworks)142.44p
York Waterworks80.68p

SewerageCharge per cubic metre used
Foul charge166.09p
Highway drainage charge*16.63p
Total sewerage charge (foul + highway drainage)182.72p**

Standing chargesFixed charge per year

Surface waterFixed charge per year
Surface water charge£50.61

*Prior to 2020-2021 the cost for highway drainage was not shown separately but was included within your sewerage rateable charge.

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Any questions?

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