Yorkshire Water urges caution around reservoirs ahead of Easter weekend

A Yorkshire Water reservoir
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Visitors to Yorkshire Water reservoirs are being urged to remain considerate of their behaviour in order to keep themselves and local wildlife safe ahead of the Easter weekend (29th March – 1st April) and the following May Bank Holidays.


Yorkshire Water’s ranger teams will be out and about throughout the spring and summer engaging with visitors, providing information about the sites and encouraging people to follow the Countryside Code.


Swimming in the reservoirs is not allowed, with visitors being encouraged to remain vigilant around the water. Reservoirs can pose a risk to life, through cold water shock, operational equipment under the water, hidden currents and other dangers.


Refraining from using disposable barbecues, taking litter home, and keeping dogs on leads can all help to keep wildlife, the natural environment, and nearby farm animals safe. Disposable barbeques are not permitted on any of Yorkshire Water’s sites, and some of its sites are covered by Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s), meaning people could face on the spot fines if they are found to be using one.


David Spencer, lead ranger at Yorkshire Water, said: “Easter weekend is upon us - hopefully alongside some warmer weather - and we want people across Yorkshire and beyond to enjoy coming out to our reservoirs. It’s important that those who do visit do not take risks that could impact the local natural environment and wildlife, or that puts them in harm's way.


“Parents should stay alert to their children being tempted to enter the water. Sadly, we’ve seen incidents in Yorkshire in recent years when people have lost their lives in reservoirs and other open water. It is important people don’t take the risk by entering the water.


“Following the Countryside Code and ensuring to take litter home, keep dogs on leads, park considerately, and be friendly to other visitors and our rangers will help to make trips to our reservoirs enjoyable for everyone now, and in the months to come.”


If visitors do see someone in the water who requires help or a fire, call 999 and ask for the Fire Service immediately – crews are trained and equipped to deal with such incidents.