Yorkshire Water prepares for freeze-thaw

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Yorkshire Water is preparing for potential impact this week as the Met Office warns of freeze-thaw conditions across the region which could cause pipes to crack and leak.

A freeze-thaw occurs when the temperature goes from extreme cold to much warmer. The temperature swing can cause significant ground movement, impacting Yorkshire Water’s network of underground pipes.

In anticipation of the freeze-thaw, Yorkshire Water is carrying out extra asset checks and has additional resources on hand to find and fix any issues as quickly as possible.

Yorkshire Water looks after its network of underground pipes and assets, but pipes in the home, garden or driveway are generally the homeowner’s responsibility to look after. In very cold weather, any exposed pipework is at risk of freezing.

By lagging those pipes (wrapping them in insulation), particularly on the outside of the house or an outdoor tap, it will reduce the likelihood of a frozen or burst pipe.

Emily Brady from Yorkshire Water said: “You may see our teams out and about more over the next week as we prepare for the impacts of freeze-thaw.

“A big fluctuation in temperature can cause the ground to move, which damages our pipes. We will fix any issues as quickly as we can and prioritise any issues that cause a health and safety risk or are impacting our customers water supply.

 “If you or someone you know needs extra support during a supply outage. Signing up for our Priority Services Register could help.”

Signing up to the Priority Services Register helps Yorkshire Water understand customer needs in the event of planned work or an emergency repair, so customers can receive the assistance they need as soon as possible.

You can find out more about the Priority Services Register on the Yorkshire Water website, and there is also information available on getting winter ready