All Yorkshire’s beaches achieving sufficient bathing status

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The latest classification of Yorkshire’s beaches by the Environment Agency has revealed all achieved sufficient status for the first time since the introduction of the revised Bathing Water Directive in 2015.

The classifications for the 2021 bathing water season show Flamborough South Landing improved from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ and Scarborough South Bay improved from ‘Poor’ to ‘Sufficient’.

Overall, 16 beaches in the region achieved ’Good’ or ‘Excellent’ classifications.

Geraldine Sewell, Coastal Delivery and Engagement Manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “We know how important the coastline is to our customers and visitors to Yorkshire and these results are positive for the region.

“Improvements at Scarborough South Bay are the product of hard work from a variety of partners in the region. However, we know there is still more to do, and we will be working with partners locally to continue this critical work.

“Our ‘Do your bit’ campaign continues to protect and improve bathing waters. Encouraging everyone who visits our beaches to recycle plastics, put all litter in the bins and pick up after their dogs will contribute to improving our beaches further and help our coastal resorts continue to thrive.”