Yorkshire Water wins top industry award

Yorkshire Water wins top industry award
Corporate and financial Innovation


Yorkshire Water has won an award for the UK's most advanced smart network, which brings together leading technology and telecommunication providers to revolutionise the way water leaks and interruptions to supply are managed.

The smart network pilot was awarded Utility Week’s Innovation Award 2020, with judges praising ‘the scope and ambition’ of the winning entry, “which showed a pioneering application of digital twin technology at impressive scale.”

The pilot is reducing the amount of water lost to leaks and the likelihood of bursts on the network.

Sam Bright, innovation programme manager at Yorkshire Water said, “We’re thrilled that the smart network pilot has been recognised in this way. It is thanks to the contributions of all 18 partners that we have been able to push boundaries and achieve the promising results that we have done so far.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to innovate and learn more within our pilot area, and to start to translate these lessons into delivering value for all our customers.”

Damian Crawford head of smart networks & leakage at Stantec said,  “Yorkshire Water’s smart water network pilot has been an amazing innovative project to be involved in, and receiving this award is great recognition for all the hard work put in by the Yorkshire Water and Stantec team.

“Congratulations must also go to all the suppliers, especially Xylem who set a side commercial rivalry to make this a true industry leading collaboration. Hopefully, we have set a benchmark for the UK water industry for collaborative working, with the aim to deliver excellent service for our water clients and their customers.”

The pilot is run by Yorkshire Water in collaboration with Stantec and 17 other partners, including Itron, Sensus, Arqiva, HWM, ATi, Inflowmatix, Syrinix, Invenio, Ovarro, Temetra, Technolog, Gutermann, Elster (Honeywell), BT, MUS, Connexin and Xylem.

For more information on Yorkshire Water’s innovation projects visit https://www.yorkshirewater.com/about-us/what-we-do/innovation/