Yorkshire Water applauds Andrex® ‘Fine to Flush’ Certification

Yorkshire Water welcomes the move from major brand Andrex® in tackling the nation’s fight against wet wipe blockages.

The Kimberly-Clark owned brand is the first big name to receive Water UK’s ‘Fine to Flush’ certification. The whole Andrex® Washlets range has been scientifically tested to ensure all Washlets products pass through and break down in sewer systems.

This is a monumental moment in the water industry and will have a huge positive impact on Yorkshire Water’s sewer network. Recent research carried out by Yorkshire Water shows that 6 out of 10 customers living in Yorkshire buy disposable wipes.

The company has been campaigning for change with its blockage campaigns including ‘Unblock Against the Clock’ and ‘Bin It! Don’t Block It’.

Yorkshire Water Wastewater Campaign Lead, Adrian Flanagan, said: “We’ve been working with a number of organisations across the UK to raise awareness with manufacturers of the impact of labelling wipes ‘flushable’, when they don’t breakdown in the sewer. The development of the ‘Fine to Flush’ industry standard was a pivotal moment for wastewater service providers, finally a product test that helps to protect the UK’s sewer network.

“Every day we work with customers in communities showing them the difference between so called ‘flushable’ wipes and toilet paper, and how easily (or not so easily) they breakdown. Today we’re really pleased to see Andrex® not only put forward a product for testing but pass that test and meet the industry standard, and we’re hopeful other manufacturers and retailers will follow this lead.”

For more information on how Yorkshire Water are tackling blockages visit www.yorkshirewater.com/binit