Reminder to ‘Bin it, don’t block it’

West Yorkshire residents are being reminded to ‘bin it, don’t block it’ as Yorkshire Water finds huge wet wipes blockage in the region.

Yorkshire Water have made a plea to local residents, to ensure they are only flushing the three Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Other items, such as wipes and sanitary products enter the sewage system like all other waste and can cause blockages in pipes and pumps.

The company’s blockage team recently responded to an incident in West Yorkshire (pictured). They cleaned a 40 metre stretch of sewer, which was packed with silt, stones and wet wipes. Once cleared, the sewer level was reduced by almost a metre, making sewage leakage much less likely.

Mark Hammond, head of customer field services at Yorkshire Water said: “Our frontline workers work hard to ensure that everyone has access to clean running water and can dispose of waste. It’s really important that residents pay attention to our guidance around what to and what not to flush.

“We’re asking residents of West Yorkshire to help us help you, by only flushing pee, (toilet) paper or poo.”

For more information on what to flush, please visit: https://www.yorkshirewater.com/help-and-advice/blockages/