How you can help keep Yorkshire blockage free.

Only pee, paper and poo should go down the loo. Everything else, including food waste, should be put in the bin. Let leftover fat, oil and grease cool, then pour it into a suitable container and put it in the bin. Wipe pots and pans out with kitchen roll before washing up or placing in a dishwasher.

A few simple changes in habits will help prevent the inconvenience and cost of repairs and help keep Yorkshire blockage free.

The main cause of blockages: wet wipes

A staggering 40% of blockages are caused by wet wipes, including so-called flushable wipes that don't break down in the sewer.

Wet wipes illustration

Other items that should never go down the loo or the sink:

We're campaigning to drive down blockages in Yorkshire

We're investing in sewer network improvements and maintenance and continuously striving to improve the service we deliver to customers. Our sewer network needs your help too, so we've set up engagement teams to work with you in key areas of Yorkshire.

They're out and about with our Wipesaur, speaking with customers and letting them know what should and shouldn't be flushed down the loo or rinsed down the sink.

What is Unblock Against the Clock?

Weighing in at 6 tonnes and measuring 6 metres high, our wacky house of fun is designed to show you Yorkshire's major pipe blockers, and for you to have the chance to bag yourself some amazing prizes in the process. You'll see first-hand how everyday items such as nappies, wipes and oils can take their toll on Yorkshire's pipes in our three exciting fun-rooms.

Dive into our challenge

Everybody who participates is in with a chance of winning, with a spin of our prize wheel, just for taking on our challenge and helping to keep Yorkshire blockage-free!

Gather your team

Assemble 2 or 3 of your best clue-solvers and run wild to see if you've got what it takes to beat the clock and keep Yorkshire flowing. It's open to all ages and is great fun for the whole family.

Explore our Unblock Against the Clock events

An image of the Wipesaur. A dinosaur made of all the bad things people flush down their toilet.