High Woodale Farm

High Woodale Farm, at the head of Nidderdale, was the second farm to join Beyond Nature. It is farmed by Martyn Brown and his family. High Woodale is a classic upland farm with interesting history, important wildlife and incredible views.

High Woodale Farm

Improving habitats

High Woodale is home to a large number of wading birds. Many of them have been red-listed and are one of the highest conservation priorities in the UK. The farm has improved their habitat by creating areas of shallow water, known as scrapes, for the birds to feed.

Wading bird

Photo of a wading bird by Tony Knowles

Scar up to Angram

Water quality

High Woodale Farm has a no-input policy. This means the land around Angram reservoir is protected. No fertilisers, pesticides or anything else that could be harmful goes into the water.

Woodland creation

High Woodale partnered with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and the Woodland Trust to plant 10,000 trees. As well as providing a home for woodland birds, the trees will help stabilise banks, protect sensitive soils from erosion and reduce the amount of sediment reaching watercourses.

Woodland creation

Cultural Heritage

High Woodale farm has a rich heritage. The remains of the reservoir, dam structures and the abandoned village of Lodge are all key to the area’s past. The farm worked with Upper Nidderdale Landscape Partnership to explore the history of the village and an archaeological dig has revealed more secrets about the medieval settlement.

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