Online lessons

We’re pleased to offer schools the opportunity to access our suite of online lessons, specifically created for Key Stage 2 students.


These online lessons are free of charge, cover a variety of topics, and allow you to deliver sessions in the classroom.

Topics covered include:

  • The Water Cycle & States of Matter
  • Water Catchment  (Headingley WTW & Ewden WTW)
  • Water Treatment   (Headingley WTW)
  • Waste-Water Treatment (Ewden WWTW)
  • Living with Water (Flooding & Sustainable Drainage Systems)
  • Water Safety
  • Pond Dipping

Our catchment, clean water and wastewater films will focus on the process at one of our sites located within the Yorkshire region.

Online lesson Online lesson

When registering for the lessons, you will receive:

  • Links to our dedicated YouTube channel, where the lessons are hosted.
  • Teacher guidance notes for each subject
  • Student worksheets
  • Key words, extension activities and the answers to questions
  • A dedicated education adviser assigned to your school to support with any technical questions about Yorkshire Water, take part in live, or recorded, Q&A sessions with your students, or judge any water- based competitions that you may have during your topic work

To access these resources, you will need a Gmail email account.  Once you have set up your Gmail account, please register for your lessons using our booking form.   Please indicate on the booking form when you will be teaching the topic (month/half term) so we can ensure one of our education advisers is available to support you.

We will then provide you with access to the resources and send you links to the films.  At the end of term, you will receive an evaluation form asking you to tell us how many students accessed each lesson.  After your topic has finished, you can then close down your GMail account at your leisure.

We recommend that you lead the sessions in class.


Book your online lessons

It's easy to register for your lessons using our booking form. Please ensure you provide us with your Gmail account somewhere on your booking form so we can ensure your access is set up correctly when we receive your application.

Book online lessons

How to set up a Gmail account
To access Yorkshire Water’s on-line lessons, you will need a Gmail account.  This will enable you to access our private education channel on YouTube.
Don’t worry – it’s easy to do!