Capital Schemes for New Development

As a developer, there will be sites that prove to be more challenging than others and you may need our help to ensure that a suitable drainage network can be designed and constructed to serve the site whilst not hindering or restricting the developable land available. When these situations arise, we are more than happy to discuss the options available to you that may involve the diversion of a critical public asset or the requisition of a new sewer.

We are also able to support developers where diversionary works of our apparatus are required to be undertaken as part of a highway scheme. NRSWA (New Road and Street Works Act 1991) provides a legal framework for street and highway works in the UK and contains a Code of Practice for Diversionary Works.

Our capital scheme team will also support customers looking to assess whether a duty exists to provide first time sewerage to domestic premises.

Major Sewer Diversions (Yorkshire Water Led)

Under Section 185 of the Water Industry Act 1991, a developer can request that a public sewer is altered, diverted or removed to allow a site to be developed.

Where a public sewer crosses a site, a developer can submit a request to us to undertake a reasonable diversion of it. We encourage you to engage in early discussions with us so we can guide you through the process requirements whilst ensuring the performance and longevity of the altered or diverted sewer is not compromised.

We are happy to meet with you at the outset of the process, prior to submission of a complete application, to ensure our requirements are clear and any issues with a site can be discussed at an early stage.

You must not commence any works on the public sewer network without written permission from Yorkshire Water.

For all major sewer diversions to be delivered by Yorkshire Water will undertake a feasibility study, complete detailed design, provide supervision and undertake the diversionary works through our contract partners when:

  • the diversion is to pass through third party land;
  • the sewer is critical infrastructure of strategic importance.

Where Yorkshire Water carries out any work under Section 185 as a result of notice being served, Yorkshire Water is entitled to recover any costs reasonably incurred from the person who served the notice.

Please download and complete our Application Form for a major sewer diversion / alteration (works undertaken by Yorkshire Water) under S185 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Sewer Requisition

If your development has no way of draining to a public sewer due to the land between the site and the sewer being owned by a third party, and they will not give you access to the land, you can requisition (formally request) a public sewer. This means Yorkshire Water would undertake the work to install public sewers for the site. This is a chargeable service, details of which can be found in our Charging Arrangements for 2021/22.

If you would like to requisition a sewer, our Capital Scheme team will be happy to guide you through the process and appoint you a dedicated point of contact throughout. The application form provides information on how to requisition a public sewer through third party land for the purpose of draining domestic wastewater flows from premises, under Section 98 to 101 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

A public sewer may only be requisitioned if it serves two or more properties, on land which there are or will be buildings. A lateral drain (serves only 1 property) may also be provided from the site boundary to the existing public sewer. Public sewers and lateral drains may only be requisitioned by the owner or occupier of premises, or the relevant local authority. Domestic purposes do not include the removal of water used for business purposes.

Please download and complete our Application Form for a sewer requisition under S98 of the Water Industry Act 1991.


New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 (NRSWA) applies where highway, bridge or transport works involve alteration or protection to the undertakers apparatus. The proposals may be submitted by a relative authority or on behalf of.

We will make an assessment under a C3 (Budget Cost) or C4 (Detailed Cost Estimate) stage to determine whether diversion works will be required in the area of such public highway upgrading works. An estimated cost can be provided for the undertaker to carry out the works, which can include an 18% discount where an advance payment is agreed before hand with the undertaker.

Depending on the complexity of your scheme, we aim to provide a response to budget estimates (C3) within 21 working days and detailed estimates (C4) within 25 working days.

Please submit your enquiry to technical.sewerage@yorkshirewater.co.uk

First Time Sewerage

Yorkshire Water have a legal duty to work out the most economical and practical way to provide effective drainage for domestic sewerage where the current drainage for two or more properties is unsatisfactory. This is limited to circumstances where existing drainage systems, that are not connected to existing public sewers, are negatively affecting, or could negatively affect the environment and / or amenity of a community, and the best way of fixing the problem is by providing a public sewer.

If you would like to enquire about first time sewerage for existing properties, our capital scheme team will be happy to guide you through the process and be your dedicated point of contact throughout. The application form provides information on how to apply for first time sewerage, under Section 101a of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Property owners or occupiers can ask Yorkshire Water to consider providing a public sewer where the sewerage system causing the adverse environmental effects, serves two or more domestic properties. Prior to applying, we suggest that you seek support of other property owners along with the support of your local parish or district council. We will also look to liaise with the local environmental health officer and the Environment Agency during the application process.

Please download and complete our Application Form for first time sewerage under S101a of the Water Industry Act 1991.