What is a standpipe?

A standpipe is a free standing pipe which is fitted with a tap. You can easily attach this to a hydrant to get a water supply where there is no running water supply.

A standpipe is a means of connecting to our water distribution network for a temporary water supply.

If you require a standpipe we operate an easy and straightforward hire scheme which is managed on our behalf by our approved contract partner Aquam Water Services. In order to safeguard our customers' supplies and maintain water quality standards there are some guidelines to follow so we ask for your co-operation in this regard.

Applying for a standpipe

In order to use a standpipe on our water distribution network you need to apply using the attached forms and guidance. The standpipe hired will be 25mm diameter, with a water meter and a back flow prevention device fitted. It should only be used on a “washout” connection point. It should never be attached to a fire hydrant as this constitutes an offence. Applications for standpipes of greater diameter than 25mm will be considered in certain circumstances.

Any standpipe which is not obtained through our scheme should NOT be connected to our water network.

Any illegal and/or incorrect users of a standpipe on our network will be prosecuted in order to protect water supplies.

There are two charging elements:

  • a standpipe hire charge based on the duration and type of use
  • a charge for the volume of water used.

Please apply using the forms below which provide all necessary contact details, charges, terms and conditions and guidelines for use.