Market Leakage Solutions

We manage approximately 35,000km of water network, serving 2.3 million residential customers and 130,000 business customers.

Shoreline Pebbles

This network is segregated into roughly 3,200 district meter areas (DMAs), which helps leakage reporting and ‘find & fix’ activities. We have ambitious leakage targets for the 2020-25 period, seeking to reduce reported leakage by 15% over the period, with similar reductions expected in the future. Our current approach to active leakage control focuses on the following seven areas:

  1. Reducing leakage run time by using analytics to provide timely identification that leakage is occurring
  2. Quicker and more precise identification of where leaks and bursts are occurring
  3. Delivering efficiencies in fixing bursts and leaks, whilst also being less disruptive to customers in the area
  4. Data improvements, to improve the accuracy of elements within leakage calculations
  5. Affordable solutions to identify and repair customer-side leaks
  6. Cost-effective solutions to rehabilitate our water network
    Transient pressure management and reducing burst rates

We currently use a range of tools to support these focus areas, including:

  • Acoustic logger deployment, both hydrophone and accelerometer, coupled with acoustic analytics packages.
  • Use of acoustic correlators and grounds microphones.
  • Use of in pipe leakage detection cameras and inbuilt hydrophone.
  • Digital listening sticks.
  • Satellite leakage detection.
  • Nightline and pressure analysis.
  • Pipe temperature to flow analytics.
  • Vacuum excavation.
  • Water main spray lining.
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) customer water meters.
  • Pressure reduction valves (PRVs), smart valve actuation and transient logging.