Water situation report

The water situation (or Watsit) report is a report we produce to oversee our water resources. It includes a summary of all the major sources of the water we draw on to make sure your taps stay full of water 24 hours a day. Data such as daily rainfall, regional reservoir stocks, river levels and demand is monitored and you can see our current position against historical and seasonal trends and fluctuations.

The majority of the figures are produced either as a % of total capacity (in the case of reservoir stocks) or as Ml/d which is mega litres per day. 1 mega litre is equivalent to 1 million litres.

Here's a summary of the Watsit report data from the end of January:






171%98.2%All our rivers are below critical levels1344.5ml/day


% Rainfall (provisional) this month across the Yorkshire region compared to long term averageReservoir stocks this week vs last weekKey river levels across our regionRegional demand in megalitres a day