Dirty secrets: Yorkshire’s most disgusting art exhibition arrives in Leeds

Yorkshire Water's Cabinets of Curiosities event in Leeds


Yorkshire Water’s ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’ has revealed the truly disgusting items that have caused blockages in the region’s sewers, in a pop up exhibition in Trinity Leeds shopping centre.

Along with the classic offenders – wipes, sanitary items, grease and fat - visitors will be granted exclusive access to a gallery of truly stomach-turning scenes featuring the more unusual items captured by Yorkshire Water’s blockages team.

From fatballs to footballs, the exhibit displayed some of Yorkshire Water’s most obscure and revolting discoveries, in an attempt to demystify what causes blockages and how everyone can play their part in preventing them.

Yorkshire Water’s ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’:

  • Visit Yorkshire’s dirtiest exhibition, showcasing the un-flushable fats and foreign objectives found in our sewage system in high end art form
  • See real life blockage items found in Yorkshire’s sewers on display, including cuddly toys, boots and frying pans!
  • Interact with Yorkshire Water’s famous Wipesaur character
  • Get a close up view of a giant fatberg
  • Take part in a creative drawing competition, with the chance to win an iPad

Ben Roche, director of wastewater at Yorkshire Water commented: “In our cabinet of curiosities customers will discover a small part of the world our wastewater team deals with every day. From fats, oils and greases, to wipes and the even more bizarre – you may be surprised to discover what ends up in our pipes.

“Avoiding blockages and knowing what you can and can’t flush is so important, as blockages are costly to remove and can cause unpleasant flooding and harm to the environment."

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