Pollutions prevented by Yorkshire Water early alert system

Pink and blue clothing removed from a sewage pumping station


An early alert system implemented by Yorkshire Water to detect equipment failure before it occurs has successfully prevented possible pollution incidents in Gargrave, near Skipton and Balby, Doncaster

The Samotics system alerted Yorkshire Water to problems with pumps at two sewage pumping stations, allowing teams to be sent to the sites to investigate.

On both occasions blockages caused by foreign objects and wet wipes incorrectly flushed into the network were found to be the cause of the issue.

The blockages could have caused the pump to fail and led to pollution of the local environment, but Yorkshire Water’s quick intervention prevented any pollution and wider impact on local customers.

Matt Armitage, from Yorkshire Water, said: “We take our responsibility for the environment seriously and are always looking at new ways of tackling blockages to prevent pollution of local watercourses. Our work with Samotics means our teams are alerted before an equipment failure and they can quickly take action to correct issues before they develop into something more serious.

“In these instances, wet wipes and other objects flushed into the network had begun to impact the pumps at our pumping stations in Gargrave and Balby. By having early alerts in place our teams were able to attend, remove the blockages and ultimately prevent the failure of the pumps and the potential pollution that would cause.”