Fire extinguisher, frying pan and footballs cause sewer blockage in Huddersfield 

Traffic cones, fire extinguisher and debris removed from a Huddersfield sewer


Yorkshire Water is urging customers not to dispose of items in the sewer network after removing a fire extinguisher, frying pan and footballs from a sewer in Huddersfield. 

The items caused a significant blockage in the network on Wakefield Road, which took five hours to removed and return flows in the sewer to normal. 

Yorkshire Water’s customer field services team also found traffic cones, large boulders and planks of wood forming part of the blockage. 

It is thought the items were thrown into the sewer after a manhole was stolen. 

Mark Hammond, head of customer field services at Yorkshire Water, said: “Every day our teams attend blockages caused by items being incorrectly disposed of in the sewer network. Fire extinguishers and frying pans are thankfully not too common, but throwing items like this into the sewer can lead to major blockages, sewage escapes onto streets or properties and potentially harm to the local environment and watercourses. 

“Our teams worked hard to resolve this blockage and prevent damage to the local environment. We would urge people to contact us if they spot a missing manhole cover so that we can make the area safe and so it is not abused in this way.”