Yorkshire Water appoints Barhale to £2m sewer diversion scheme

Yorkshire Water has appointed Barhale to complete a £2m sewer diversion as part of Barnsley Council’s The Glass Works regeneration project.


The diversion work at Kendray Street is critical to the success of the multi-award-winning £200 million scheme, which includes 25 new retail units, a 13-screen Cineworld, Superbowl UK, seven restaurants and cafes, a landmark public square and a 500 plus-space car park.


Joe Fisher, project manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “This is a significant project for Barnsley and we’re pleased to be playing our part by relocating the sewer network in the area.


“We are collaborating with Barhale to carry out the work at Kendray Street to use the expertise of both companies to overcome the challenges the site poses.”


Barhale project manager, Nick Smith, explained: “Due to the constraints of the location, hemmed in by the development and a railway line to the east at Kendray Street, we will use a tunnel boring machine to install the new concrete sewer.


“Our approach enables the development construction to continue at the same time reducing some of the logistic challenges and means we can keep costs down and complete more quickly.”