Land carbon model

Yorkshire Water is one of the biggest landowners in Yorkshire. This includes reservoirs, woodland and peatland.


Managing our land in a sustainable way allows us to store more carbon in our land than it emits, helping us to offset our emissions. A sustainable approach has many other benefits including an increase in biodiversity and recreation opportunities. Managing our land in a sustainable way also helps us improve water quality, water storage and natural flood defences.

To help us understand the potential of storing carbon, often called sequestration, we've developed a land carbon model. This model allows us to estimate how much carbon is being stored or emitted depending on the type and condition of the land. The model then allows us to predict the effects of different land management projects, such as planting a million trees or peatland restoration. The model has provided us with a view on our baseline carbon emissions and the impacts of our tree planting programme.

We're developing the model so it can become a UK-wide tool for assessing whole land estates to help with strategic planning. It will also help us and our regional partners work together to assess the potential of joint projects to offset carbon emissions and other wider benefits by managing land more sustainably.

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