Let's learn about water and health

Water makes up 80% of our brains so it's important that we drink enough to be able to concentrate - especially in class! We tell you with everything you need to know.

Little girl having a big drink

Children should regularly top up their water levels, particularly if it's a sports day or the weather is hot. Not only is water better for them than those high calorie fizzy drinks, it's also much cheaper and available on tap!

Are you drinking enough water?

When it comes to drinking water, we recommend the recommend the following advice:

  1. Children and adults should drink between six and eight glasses of water every day.
  2. Children will need more water when exercising - to keep them properly hydrated they should drink slowly at 10 -15 minute intervals to replenish any water lost through sweat and continue drinking water after exercising.
  3. Lack of water can affect a child's performance so if they're tackling a really tricky equation it might be worth getting them a drink first!
  4. Children will love this one - the colour of their wee may indicate that they are dehydrated. They can keep a check on the colour of their urine to make sure they're drinking enough water using our fun peeometers.