Building over or near a water main

Whatever work you’re planning – whether it’s a home extension or a large development – you’ll need to know if there’s a water main in the way.

Choppy waves

Before you start building, learn what water assets might be on or near your property. You can order a map of our water and sewerage network assets for the area through our SafeMove mapping service:

If there’s a water main in the way – and you’re not able to change your building plans to avoid it – you can apply to us for the main to be diverted. We’ll design and quote the cost of the works and complete the diversion for you. To apply, please complete the application below.

Apply for a water main diversion

You will need

  • site location plan showing the main to be diverted
  • site layout plan
  • F10 notice, if applicable
  • pre-construction information (CDM), if applicable.

Now accepting BACS

Apply online

Our online application form is the quickest and easiest way to apply.

You can pay your application fee by bank transfer or payment card using our secure system.

Application fee: £300 (+ VAT £60) = £360

Apply online

You can also download and print this PDF or fill it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Next steps

Once you’ve applied and made the payment, we’ll survey your site so we can work out the route of the diversion. We’ll then get back to you with a quote and a plan showing where the main will be diverted – this usually takes up to 42 days, but might take longer depending on the size and complexity of the diversion.